Indoor location made easy

1. Affix your iBeacons

Install your Bluetooth LE beacons in the
space you wish to provide a location for.

Apple iBeacon Certified

Add indoor positioning to your mobile app

Enso Locate is designed to be quick,
simple and accurate...

iOS and Android SDK

3. Download and install SDK

The SDK provides regular location updates in your app. The iOS SDK is available now and an Android SDK will be available soon. The Enso Locate SDK has been carefully engineered to make it easy to integrate our Bluetooth and positioning libraries with your application.

2. Login to Enso Locate

Upload your floor plan and add the position of your beacons.

And you're done!

There are many ways to use indoor positioning in your next app...

Want more info?

Read more about how Enso Locate came into being. Read the background post here or contact us.


Need beacons?

To get the most out of Enso Locate we recommend testing with at least four iBeacons. For the public beta we've partnered with who make high-quality beacons that are well suited to powering Enso Locate.

We have our own beacons, too! These are specially designed for use within museums with a low-impact enclosure that is well suited to contemporary interiors. They feature long-life batteries and ship with optimised blink-rates for indoor location use. Contact us directly for more info.

Features Overview

Accurate location reporting with our mobile SDKs

Enso Locate provides class-leading indoor positioning accuracy. Our SDKs calculate consistent, real-time x-y coordinates. The Apple iOS SDK is available now and an Android SDK will be released shortly.

Easy to setup

Once you have affixed your beacons and recorder their position, login to our cloud-based Beacon Manager, upload a floor plan and drag and drop your beacons onto it. Done.

Built by developers, for developers

Enso Locate was designed and developed by the team at Art Processors. Art Pro are experts in context-based mobile content delivery and use Enso Locate to power world-class mobile experiences at high-traffic cultural and tourism venues.

Built to scale

Client-side location processing means that Enso Locate scales to support any number of simultaneous users. The Enso Locate backend is built on Amazon Web Services and uses S3 to host your map and configuration files.

iBeacon support

Enso Locate has full support for iBeacon but that's just the beginning. We provide your application with accurate x/y coordinates enabling fine-grained data delivery beyond basic at-the-node proximity location.

Easy to install

Enso Locate Bluetooth beacons are designed to be affixed to any flat surface. The beacons are battery powered and require no external power or data source.

Zero calibration required

Traditional indoor location systems require extensive calibration and radio signal fingerprinting. Enso Locate uses an innovative approach to mitigate the need for laborious fingerprinting mayhem.

Need an app to go with it?

Talk to Art Processors. Their Enso Platform gives you a world-class mobile content delivery system with Enso Locate baked in. Learn more.

EnsoLocate By Art Processors
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